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Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce                                                   

Alleghany Highlands Historical Society                                                               

Alleghany Community Services Board                                                                

Dr. Brown and Associates                                                                                     

Town of Clifton Forge                                                                                             

City of Covington                                                                                                    

COV Designs                                                                                                 

Persinger Ladies Circle                                                                                          

Rupert Real Estate                                                                                                 


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American Legion Post #4                                                                                      

Bill and Mott Atherholt                                                                                            

Martha Atherholt                                                                                                      

Auxiliary of VFW Post 1033                                                                                  

Bartley’s Meat Market                                                                                             

Bath Community Hospital                                                                                      

Mary Ann Beirne                                                                                                     

Ray Brown and Angie Atherholt                                                                            

Robert Cale VFW Post 1033 Member                                                                 

Clifton Forge Masonic Lodge                                                                                

Clifton Forge Vol. Rescue Squad                                                                         

Covington Hot Springs Rotary Club                                                                     

Covington Moose Lodge 610                                                                                

Craig-Botetourt Electric Cooperative                                                                   

Buzzy Eggleston                                                                                                     

Douglas Foster                                                                                                        

John Grimes                                                                                                             

Falling Springs Ruritan Club                                                                                 

Carla Harrah (In honor of David Harrah)                                                                  

Hemp Insurance Agency, Inc.                                                                               

Jackson River Community Credit Union                                                             

J&K Electric                                                                                                             

Jack Masons, LLC                                                                                                  

Livy’s Closet                                                                                                             

Pat and Lynda Loving                                                                                            

Karen and Paul Neal (In Honor of Denver Neal and other Veterans)                                                 

Nicely Funeral Home                                                                                              

Dirk Padgett Law                                                                                                     

Janet Parini                                                                                                              

Marian L. Paxton (In honor of Norris Paxton)                                                          

The Recorder                                                                                                           

Lon & Susan Rollinson                                                                                          

Bert and Nancey Seay                                                                                           

Schoppmeyer Financial                                                                                         

Robert Simmons, Jr.                                                                                               

Slaughter & Slaughter Family Dentistry                                                              

Stone Property Insurance                                                                                      

VFW Post 4299                                                                                                       

VFW Post 1033                                                                                                       

Wood, Howard, Jr., and Edith                                                                               

Larry and Cindy Wright

Lytle Realty

McConnell Legal PLLC

Salon of Elaine Mitchells

Clifton Forge Shriners Club

Arthur and Lynda Thompson

Magic City Chevrolet and GM

Alleghany Highlands Genealogical Society

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The Alleghany Foundation

Walmart Superstore                                                                                                

Davide Kuroski                                                                                                

Image Express                                                                                                                                                                 

Carlene Gibson (In honor of David Harrah)                                                     

Russ Lescault                                                                                                          

David Kuroski

Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Tourism

Josh Taylor

Jackson River Community Credit Union

Bill Atherholt and Kathleen All

The Historic Masonic Theatre

Bill Atherholt and Justin Reiter

COV Designs

Bill Atherholt and John Morris

Dirk Padgett Law, PLLC

Bill Atherholt and Dirk Padgett

Covington Moose Lodge 610

Bill Atherholt and Jason Hall

Ray and Angie Atherholt-Brown

Bill Atherholt and Angie Atherholt-Brown

The Covington–Hot Springs Rotary Club

Bill Atherholt with Paul Linkenhoker and Pat Loving

Bath Community Hospital

Larry Wright and Lori Hicks

Clifton Forge Mason Lodge 166

Larry Wright and Marlon Ward

Falling Springs Ruritan Club

Larry Wright with Lee Smith, President, of the Falling Springs Ruritan Club, with members Laura Kyle, Lee Kyle, Cindy Kyle, and Cindy Durham

Alleghany Historical Society

Paul Linkenhoker with Bill Atherholt and Larry Wright

The American Legion Alleghany Post #4

Larry Wright with Freddy Barnett, Post #4 Adjutant

B.A. Rupert Real Estate

Larry Wright with Teenie and Warren Kegley

Clifton Forge Volunteer Rescue Squad

Larry Wright with Bill Atherholt and Teresa Gibson

VFW Post 4299 in Clifton Forge

Jim Rhodes, Bill Atherholt, Richard Erskine, and Larry Wright. All pictured are Veterans of the Vietnam War.

Livy’s Closet

Larry Wright and Bill Atherholt with Jenny and Dave Oeltjen of Livy’s Closet

Dr. Brown and Associates

is Bill Atherholt with Dr. Scott Brown, DO

The Town of Clifton Forge

Bill Atherholt, Jeff Irvine, Mayor of Clifton Forge, and Larry Wright

Covington Masonic Lodge

Covington Masonic Lodge

Michele and Hubert Newton, both Retired USAF, representing the Alleghany Highlands Genealogical Society

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What is The Wall That Heals?

Honoring the more than 3 million Americans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during the Vietnam War, “The Wall That Heals”—which is 375 feet in length and bears the names of the 58,281 men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam—is transported from community to community via a 53-foot trailer. When parked, the trailer opens up to showcase a variety of exhibits, allowing it to serve as a mobile education center that tells the story of the Vietnam War.

The free exhibit will be open to the public 24 hours a day from October 3, 2024 through October 6, 2024 at the Jackson River Sports Complex, which is located at 870 W Edgemont Dr, Covington, VA 24426.

Hosts for Wall That Heals